Protect your interests. Involving SPK/Lewis at the very outset of an installation, renovation or alteration you can stretch your construction dollars and avoid costly mistakes by:

Defining Objectives

As we work with you to define project objectives, we help anticipate and resolve potential problems, including those involving pre-built offices, leasing options, and workletter evaluation. SPK/Lewis can provide consulting services on any phase of your construction process.

Budgeting / Scheduling

In collaboration with owners, tenants, facility managers, architects, designers and engineers, we develop and continuously update budgets and schedules, suggesting economies and efficiencies in materials and systems. SPK/Lewis’ capabilities include preliminary plan and specification analysis, preliminary cost budget preparation, and fast-track project planning to reduce construction time.

Implementing Systems

Let us help develop and implement time-saving, cost saving systems for scheduling, reporting, project administration and cost control. SPK/Lewis can also take responsibility for acquiring permits, pre-purchasing items requiring long lead times, and preparing construction schedules with guaranteed completion dates.

Selecting Subcontractors

We can help expedite the competitive bidding process by drawing on our extensive pool of highly qualified subcontractors. SPK/Lewis puts together the right team of subcontractors for the project’s size and complexity. You benefit form our long-standing subcontractor relationships, which enable us to deliver superior reliability, quality and price.